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Dojo Biraki
Meishin Kyudojo Opening Ceremony

On September 1st and 2nd, 2001, Dan and Jackie DeProspero formally opened the Meishin Kyudojo. In attendance were kyudo practitioners from across America as well as members of the Onuma and Tsukamoto families and other friends from Japan. We are eternally grateful for their kind support and friendship.
Dan, Jackie and Michael DeProspero perform the Heki Ryu Sekka-ha Hachiman Reisha

Yoshiko and E Clay Buchanan perform Yawatashi
Jackie DeProspero performs Hitotsu-mato Sharei
The Onuma and Tsukamoto family members observe the U.S. participants
Yudansha perform Mochi-mato Rissha and Hitotsu-mato Zasha
Participants shoot at memorial fans
Participants enjoy each other's company at lunch and dinner
Arrow-, glove-, and bow-makers from Asahi Archery in Tokyo, Japan give demonstrations on equipment care and usage
Attendees of the 2001 official opening of the Meishin Kyudojo
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