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Below are lists of books, sources of instruction, and equipment retailers that you might find helpful.

Books by Hideharu Onuma and Dan and Jackie DeProspero:

Kyudo: The Essence and Practice of Japanese Archery
Hideharu Onuma with Dan and Jackie DeProspero, 1993
Kodansha International, Tokyo, ISBN 4- 7700-1734-0

This hardbound book is used worldwide as an instructional text for the practice of Japanese archery. It is filled with hundreds of detailed photographs and illustrations that cover every aspect of the art of kyudo: history, philosophy, spiritual connections, equipment, and technique. One reviewer calls it "Clearly and simply the definitive text on kyudo. It is perhaps the very best martial arts book I've ever seen."

Available at most major bookstores or online at

Illuminated Spirit: Conversations with a Kyudo Master
Dan and Jackie DeProspero, 2007 revised edition,
Koryu Books, Berkeley Heights, NJ, ISBN 978-I-890536-II-4

Illuminated Spirit presents the wisdom and knowledge of Master Hideharu Onuma in a simple, straightforward style. His thoughts on topics such as managing anger, channeling stress, taking responsibility, and striving for excellence are as easily applied to one's daily life as to the art of kyudo. The book includes many old and rare photographs that beautifully document the life and teachings of this great kyudo master.

Revised edition, available from Koryu Books at

Additional References:
Kyudo Manual, vol. 1,
Principles of Shooting

All Nippon Kyudo Federation, 1994,
A.N.K.F., Photo-press Kimura Kikaku, Tokyo

This is a translation of the revised edition of the official kyudo manual of the All Nippon Kyudo Federation, the world governing body for Japanese archery. The manual is nicely translated by Liam O'Brien, Kyoshi, 7th dan. The manual, which documents the shooting standards and regulations of the Zen Nihon Kyudo Renmei (All Nippon Kyudo Federation) is obtainable by contacting the A.N.K.F at the following address:

All Nippon Kyudo Federation
Kishi Memorial Hall
1-1-1 Jinnan
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Kyudo: Der Weg des Bogens
Matthias Obereisenbuchner, 1987,
ECON Taschenbuch Verlag, Dusseldorf,
ISBN 3-612-20230-8

Matthius Obereisenbuchner is a long-time student of kyudo and one of Germany's leading proponents of the Shomen style of shooting, which differs slightly from the Shamen style of Heki Ryu, which dominates German kyudo practice. Mr. Obereisenbuchner's book is complete with excellent photographs of Master Hideharu Onuma performing kyudo. It also has many nicely drawn illustrations that clearly describe every aspect of kyudo practice.
Kyudo: The Way of the Bow
Feliks Hoff, 2002,
Shambala Publications, Boston & London,
ISBN 1-57062-852-1

This book is the English version of Kyudo: Die Kunst des Japanischen Bogenschißens, Mr. Hoff's previous book with Prof. Genshiro Inagaki, headmaster of Heki Ryu Insai-ha and modern kyudo Hanshi, 9th dan. The book has many detailed photographs and diagrams explaining kyudo in general and Heki Ryu Insai-ha in particular.
Kyudo: Un Tir, Un Vie
Michel Martin, 1990,
Editions Amphora, Paris,
ISBN 2-85180-207-0

Michel Martin, who is ranked among the world's top non-Japanese kyudo practitioners, lived and travelled extensively around Japan and studied with some very well-known kyudo teachers, such as Heijiro Anzawa and Hideharu Onuma. Mr. Martin's book is complete with photographs and illustrations that describe the history and practice of kyudo.
Kyudo: The Art of Zen Archery
Hans Joachim Stein, 1988,
Element Books Ltd., Longmead,
ISBN 1-85230-035-3

Hans Joachim Stein studied kyudo in Japan and his book, available in English, is a scholarly text that clearly documents the history and philosophy of kyudo, and gives a detailed description of the essential elements of kyudo practice.
One Arrow, One Life
Kenneth Kushner, 1988,
Routledge Inc., New York,
ISBN 1-85063-080-1

Kenneth Kushner studied Zen and kyudo in Hawaii and Japan and is on the educational staff of the Institute of Zen Studies in Hawaii. The book has a few illustrations that are nicely done but is mostly text that clearly documents Mr. Kushner's experiences with kyudo and Zen.
The Secret of the Target
Jackson S. Morisawa, 1988,
Routledge & Kegan Paul, Inc., New York,
ISBN 0-415-00194-3

This book is written by Jackson Morisawa, the co-founder of the Chozen-ji School of Kyudo, which is affiliated with the Chozen-ji International Zen Dojo of Hawaii. The book is filled with lavish illustrations that describe in detail the Chozenji style of shooting and its Zen influence.
Zen in the Art of Archery
Eugen Herrigel, 1953/1971,
Random House Inc., New York,
ISBN 394-71663-9

This is one of the very first kyudo books available to Western readers. It documents the experiences of Eugen Herrigel, a German philosopher who took up the study of kyudo under Master Kenzo Awa, a legendary kyudo teacher. The book, which has been translated into many languages, is based on Herrigel's personal, and somewhat erroneous, accounts of the philosophical aspects of kyudo.
Archery Traditions of Asia
Stephen Selby, 2003,
Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence., Hong Kong,
ISBN 962-703947-0

Stephen Selby spent years studying traditional Chinese archery and collecting archery-related artifacts. In 2000, he published Chinese Archery.
This book is a catalogue of "Archery Traditions of Asia" at the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence, giving in-depth information about Asia's archery traditions and culture. With colour diagrams and text descriptions, the book introduces the history of traditional Chinese archery and living traditional archery in other Asian cultures including Japan.
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