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Tsuru (bow string)

Tsuru are made from natural hemp fibers or from synthetic materials such as kevlar. It goes without saying that the synthetic strings are more durable, but they will not produce the clear sounds at the release that a natural string will. Tsuru are available in lengths that correspond to the different sizes of yumi (see illustration for size chart). Natural tsuru also come in different weights or thicknesses known as momei (an ancient measurement). The most common momei measurements for strings are 1.6, 1.8, and 2.0. It is coincidental but these measurements provide an easy way to match the optimum string weight to the pull strength of a yumi: 1.6 momei for any yumi up to sixteen kilograms, 1.8 momei for a seventeen to twenty kilogram yumi, and 2.0 momei for a yumi that is more than twenty kilograms.

Tsurumaki (string holder)

The tsurumaki is a woven rattan holder for spare bowstrings. A small powder horn for giriko is often attached to the tsurumaki.
Yumigata-kyoseiki (shaping block)

Shaping blocks are made of soft wood and are usually available in pairs, large and small. They are used to keep a bamboo yumi in good shape.
Waraji (hemp pad)

The waraji is used in conjunction with kusune to condition a natural string. The pad is coated with kusune, and when rubbed over the string the friction melts the kusune which then helps to re-bind loosened fibers.
Yazutsu (arrow case)

Better quality yazutsu are made of woven rattan, and use a pair of decorative tassels to secure the separate top section.
Yumibukuro (bow wrap)

Most yumibukuro are made from cloth or silk and are usually quite decorative. They also serve the purpose of protecting the yumi from scratches.
Kakebukuro (glove bag)

A cloth or silk bag used to protect the leather yugake.
Muneate (chest protector)

The muneate is made of leather or open mesh and is used only by women. They are available in white or black.
Kusune (pine-resin)

Kusune softens when heated and is used to bind the loosened fibers of a hemp tsuru.
Giriko (glove powder)

Giriko is a type of rosin that is applied to the thumb of the shooting glove to keep the fingers from slipping during shooting.
Fudeko (grip powder)

Fudeko is made of fine ash and is used to reduce moisture on the hands and grip during shooting.
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