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Equipment Selection

Choosing kyudo equipment is not easy. Questions of type, length, strength, maker, and cost must all be considered. Equally important is one's own level of training and access to personal instruction. At Asahi America you can be assured of receiving clear and honest advice in regards to your equipment purchases.
A basic set of kyudo equipment consists of a bow, arrows, archer's glove, and spare bowstring. The equipment and accessories you purchase from Asahi America are made in Japan by the finest craftsmen. Even so, some of these items can be damaged by poor technique and inadequate knowledge of care and maintainance. We strongly advise, therefore, that novice practitioners purchase moderately priced equipment at first. We also recommend that anyone new to kyudo, especially those with little or no access to an experienced instructor, consider a bow of fiberglass or carbon construction.  Synthetic bows are relatively low priced and are much more durable and forgiving of abuse than bamboo yumi.  Synthetic bows and arrows are also recommended in areas where the climate is too cold, wet, or dry to safely use bamboo equipment.


To order equipment please check the appropriate guide for correct sizes.  Allow for shrinkage when measuring sizes of cotton uniforms. If possible use the metric system when specifying measurements.
All bow orders and special order items require a 50% non-refundable deposit. Prior to shipping, an invoice will be sent showing the account balance plus postage and insurance charges. All accounts are payable upon receipt of the invoice. Items will not be shipped until full payment has been received.
Payment can be made by personal check (allow three weeks to clear) , money order or you may use a major credit card through our PayPal service. PayPal is simple and secure and you do not need a PayPal account of your own. Make all payments to Dan or Jackie DeProspero or Asahi America.
Small items are kept in stock but it may take three to six weeks for delivery in the case of regular merchandise. Special order items and bows may take three or more months to receive so please plan well ahead.
Prices shown do not include domestic postage or insurance charges. Most continental U.S. shipping is through the U.S. Postal Service.
Please note that the photos in this catalog are only a sample display of the types of equipment and accessories available. We will do our best to honor your requests for specific colors and patterns but cannot guarantee identical matches. All equipment and accessories are subject to change and availability. Additional merchandise not listed in this catalog is periodically available. Please E-mail for more information.

*Prices are subject to change throughout the life of the catalog.

Our Promise to You

Asahi America is the North American supplier for Asahi Kyugu Co., Ltd., makers and suppliers of quality Kyudo equipment since 1897. At Asahi America you are assured of receiving the very best kyudo equipment and accessories available. Everything in our inventory, with the exception of our domestically made yumi, is handcrafted by the finest Japanese kyudo equipment manufacturers and master bowmakers at work today.
Our goal here is to promote the practice and advancement of kyudo in North America. The best way to do that is to assure that you not only receive quality kyudo equipment but also understand the care, use, and limitations of the equipment you order. To that end, if you are new to kyudo we encourage you to E-mail us before you place an order and let us help with your kyudo equipment decisions. We are always more than happy to answer all your kyudo related questions; equipment or otherwise.

Dan and Jackie DeProspero
Asahi America
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* Asahi America sells only in the United States (Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico included). For orders from Canada, South America and all other International orders please contact our parent firm, Asahi Archery, Ltd. in Japan (English understood)

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